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thirty-one aint so bad

rantowles creek at low tide

a fish surfaced right before i snapped this shot

i reached the ripe age of 31 this past saturday - and it was quite painless.  aside from a hangover, which i am pretty sure i have had every year on nov. 16th since i turned 21, my day was quite enjoyable.  the weather was incredible for mid november, i think the high was 75, and the wind was almost dead calm.  i spent the morning surfing the waves at folly beach in my newest boat (thanks to sloane), a bright green jackson all-star.  the surf was clean and fairly consistent, not as large as i would have liked, but i managed to get a few good rides in.  after working my hangover off paddling the surf, i headed home and hatched a plan for the rest of the day.  i decided to go kayaking again - since the weather was so nice.  so i got a hold of my buddy anthony and we met up around 330 at the landing for a low tide exploration of rantowles creek.  images of our adventure are below.

a snowy egret 

anthony and the scenery


we had plans to do a loop, which i had done before - but with the tide being as low as it was, i knew we would probably have some troubles, and i was right.  the tiny creek that runs behind the island we were looping around started off promising, but soon ran out of water that was paddle-able.  we decided to push through the mud, but before we did, i got out of the boat to take a few shots of the sunset that was happening behind our backs.

some times it pays to get stuck

copyright 2013 anthony dotta

we pushed on through the mud, by taking apart our paddles and using them as push poles on either side of our boats.  it took some time but we finally made it to water deep enough to paddle.  we were fast running out of sunlight, but the full moon came up right before dusk and lit our paddle back to the landing.  the rest of these shots are long exposures made from my camera mounted to the cockpit of my kayak.  the squiggly light in the sky is the north star - not a ufo.

back into deep water

anthony's fancy pants kayak lighting system in use

the moon had come up pretty high by now, lighting the bow of my boat 

some neat pilings