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painted with light

wednesday afternoon - after finishing an awesome shoot with my friend laura - i packed up my camping gear and boat, and headed for capers island.  this was a last minute trip, but it worked out pretty well.  the weather was fantastic - and there was a steady 5-10 mph breeze coming off the water to keep the night nice and cool.  i paddle against an ebb tide, with the wind in my face, so i had a good work out on the way there.  i arrived just before sunset, and ended up running into the only other person out there, who happened to be kayaking in the same time i was.  we chatted for a while, but both preferred solitude, so we set up camp fairly far from one another.  i set up the hammock, got the fire going and had some canned soup for dinner.  i took a hike with my camera down the beach towards the boneyard and nothing seemed strike me as worthy of tripod set up.  as i wondered back towards camp, i noticed the silhouettes of the dead trees were very apparent with the ambient light of isle of palms behind them.  so i found a good subject and went to work.  the images were cool, but nothing seemed to be standing out, so i decided to get the flashlight out and do some painting with light.  to the right is the result of my efforts - i am quite pleased, and i will be making a return trip to do some more of this work the next time there is little to no moon in the night sky.  enjoy the gallery...

one of many awesome trees on the beach of capers island.