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black water nwr

sloane recently had a work retreat in st michaels maryland, and her company was nice enough to invite me along.  so i of course used my free time wisely, and went kayaking on maryland's eastern shore.  i had been reading about this swamp just south of st michaels, called the black water national wildlife refuge.  rich with small intermingled waterways, and the high probability that i could get lost peaked my interest, and reminded me of paddling the swamps of the low country.  as i stepped out of my car at the landing into a stiff 15 knot eastern wind, i was glad that i had come alone, this was going to be a serious work out.  i paddled 14 long miles of winding river, my mood changing with the direction of the river in relation to the wind.  i struggled grimly with it in my face, and i relaxed and soaked up the scenery when it was at my back.  below are images from the day, which started early with some sunrise shots at the place we stayed.  

sunrise at harbourtowne resort, where we stayed

sunrise over the dock

these snakes were everywhere, i believe they were garter snakes.

a nesting box in need of some tlc

a juvenile bald eagle, who was dining on fish 

a mature eagle, this place was littered with them

tree graveyard

a perfect cloud

the ironic eagle - perched atop a viewing platform

a field of buttercups i passed on the way home