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potter county, i missed you

i recently took a ride up to north central pennsylvania, where my parents have a "cabin" in the middle of nowhere.  by cabin i mean a 2 story house, complete with hot tub, satellite tv and internet, an atv and some of the better fly fishing pennsyltucky offers.  i haven't been here since 2010, and i forgot what i had been missing.

sunset from the field next to the property - it was quite a foggy few days.

a lone thistle blooming

a "survivor" of a clear cut on top of a mountain

tracking some deer

after an unsuccessful attempt to ninja fish a small stream

so many stars up there

fog rolling into the valley as clouds, lit by the moon, move quickly in

overlooking the valley created by slate run

cascades on my hike down manor fork to slate run

the old swimming hole on slate run, yes i jumped in, and yes it was freezing

the bear that visits the property quite frequently