Follow me and my friends on our adventures outside.

august was busy.

august started with a trip to rochester, ny to celebrate nate p getting his nuptials on, hang with college friends, take a wine tour, eat all the foods we have missed, see old colleagues, visit the old college campus and drink that sweet, sweet genesee river beer. 

a bunch of drunk people at a winery

nick and geo, old roomies

phelps reception

sara rod nailing it at beer pong, on the original thirsty thursday table from rit, circa 2002

biggest wine barrel ever

three brothers vineyard

lord ward and sara

sticky lips ribs, the ribs to which i compare all bbq.

kodak homeys. 

windham and a grape orchard at seneca lake

blurry nate p

so many amazing things happening here

sloane and mr jeff cutting a rug

bride and her bridesmaids 

being fierce

wedding night grocery store feet

the lovely sloane and chrissy

the following weekend was the wedding of sloane's brother in rhode island, which we were both in.  i opted not to take any pics at this one, and just have a good time.  sloane and i arrived thursday morning and i was promptly introduced to the two women who took care of the wee little whelans 20 odd years ago, and their children, all of which were good people.  the nannie's are from spain, and were pretty set on showing as much of the east coast as they could to their kids.  so, we took them to boston for the day, although sloane and i aren't experts on the city i suppose we knew a bit more about it than they did.

nuria, sloane and carmen on the boston water taxi

reflection of samuel adams and the custom house clock tower in bean town

the tour went well, the wedding even better.  we returned home the following monday, and prepped for our next tour with the spainards - dc.  sloane is a much better dc tour guide than boston, since she lived there for a stint in college.  they arrived from nyc late friday night via the megabus, we slept fast in baltimore and were up early to catch a train to dc.  

sloane's tours

the kids at the supreme court

supreme court

the capitol under construction

no school buses in their town, so they were oddly excited to get on one

at the wwII memorial

supreme court

sweet tree in the sculpture garden on the mall

siesta after some awesome bbq

this dude was upset with the government for one reason or another, he just stood there with his finger in the air...

a little full, but at least folks in dc know how to recycle

i had a rather large shoot as well this month, with a company that is making some new water saving, energy saving and planet saving water heaters.  i did a few studio shots, but also built a false wall in my garage studio and faked a few new construction images as well.  check out the time-lapse of the construction, shooting, and deconstruction - over the course of three days.

the sexiest hot water heater you ever did see

one of the images created in the garage set

last but not least, i finally got the newest addition to the mccorkle navy out on the water for a short trip.  i paddled only 6 miles of the monocacy river in md, while sloane attended a baby shower the town over.  it was quick, but glorious.

a bluff on the monocacy water trail

3 hour trip, but loaded to the gills anyway

good bye blue sky

storm rolling in