Follow me and my friends on our adventures outside.

my folks retired to florida, and it is awesome.

the back yard, complete with canal, dock, gazebo and boat.  you know you've made it when your landscaping is this well lit.  

the 'rents recently moved to punta gorda, fl for the winters - to live the good life, away from the snow.  us kids came down for a few days to see why they worked so hard the last 60 years.  i think it was worth it….

the screened in pool, which overlooks the canal.

back yard in the daylight

back of the house

front of the house

pop and thomas cleaning the days catch

they work like well oiled machines

i have seen these fish (sheepshead) on the internet, and i always assumed it was photoshop.  they have a full set of human like teeth - quite creepy.  i caught this fella while untangling a birds nest in my line, luck was on my side.

the gratuitous family photo

my niece brenna loves the water

and bubbles.

bubbles are awesome